NCT Jaehyun’s ‘Cool Guy’ Visuals In New Photoshoot Had NCTzens Feeling Absolutely Shook

This was a look at the master of visuals at work.

It seems like it never takes much for NCT‘s Jaehyun to go viral, whether it’s for his show-stealing visuals or for the most seemingly mundane things, like the way he simply looked at a pair of shoes. This time, Jaehyun gained the attention of NCTzens for his effortless ‘cool guy’ visuals during a recent promotional photoshoot that NCT 127 did in collaboration with Nature Republic.

| NCT 127/Youtube 

While all the members rocked the all denim look, Jaehyun’s visuals once again caught the particular attention of many NCTzens. And it happened from the moment he first showed up in the video, with Johnny introducing both him and Jaehyun as the ‘cool guys.’ Jaehyun’s initial ‘cool guy’ vibe gave way to a disarming smile, which instantly had fans weak.

The footage of model Jaehyun afterwards only made things worse, with Jaehyun showing off his flawless angles and sharp, sharp jawline.

Nothing to say but that Jaehyun looked perfect.

But things didn’t stop there. During the group photoshoot later, while the members were messing around striking silly poses as a joke, Jaehyun’s pose came for NCTzens instead, leaving them absolutely shook.

By the end of the video there was no denying that Jaehyun totally the slayed the denim fit…

And, of course, that ‘cool guy’ looks were absolutely served left and right.

It will be fun to see what the reason is for Jaehyun to go viral next! You can watch the full behind-the-scenes of the photoshoot on the link below.


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