NCT’s Jaemin Proves He Is NCT’s Relatable Introvert King — Here’s How

He doesn’t always seem like it, but he’s a true introvert!

Recently, NCT released a wholesome series of videos for the Lunar New Year titled, Beautiful Moments Of 2021 And Beyond. In it, each of the members reminisced about their favorite moments from 2021, and they each gave their own definition of what they consider to be ‘beautiful.’ Taeyong touched fans’ hearts with his definition of beauty, and though Jaemin‘s was not as emotional, it still proved to be relatable in a heartwarming way.

| @na.jaemin0813/Instagram

Jaemin may not always seem like it due to his charismatic personality and top-notch humor, but he is more on the introverted side than most of his NCT members. And when he was asked what he considers to be beautiful, his answer definitively proved it. He started by hilariously saying that beautiful is in the small things…

…before going on to list a few of the things he values most as the definition of beautiful; things that other introverted people will likely find extremely relatable.

Jaemin considers his time alone of particular value, which is why he associates it with beauty.

Given the hectic schedule he usually has, we can’t blame him! Introverted people often require a lot of time to recharge, and it seems like Jaemin is no exception. In fact, during his relay cam log from NCT’s 24-hour relay cam event, he shared that his usual activities when he’s not working amount to just chilling in his room.

He added that he doesn’t even game that much, unlike his members, and that he normally prefers to just relax.

Though NCT DREAM will be busy releasing a new album this year, hopefully NCT’s introvert king Jaemin will be able to find enough time to wind down and relax! You can watch the full video of clip of Jaemin’s Beautiful Moments Of 2021 And Beyond below.