5 Times NCT’s Jisung Was Too Cute To Handle

We’re kinda hoping he never grows up.

The forever maknae of NCT grew up right before our eyes, from a middle schooler all the way to a growing, but still adorable 18 year old. While he is set to become an adult in Korea next year, the little mochi, as he is endearingly referred to by fans, might still remain a baby in the eyes of many NCTzens. Here are our top 5 moments where Jisung was too cute to handle.

1. When he asked if fruits were washed using kitchen detergent

In an episode of “Chenji’s This and That” where Jisung assisted fellow member and best friend, Chenle, in cooking his specialty ramyun, Jisung was tasked to wash some tomatoes for the dish. He adorably asked the filming staff on hand if he had to use dishwashing liquid to wash the fruits or if running water would do.

In a moment of déjà vu a year later on “NCT DREAM King of Cooking“, he repeated the same question to the staff again, but this time, with cabbage.

2. If Jisung says it’s UBB, it’s UBB.

“Chenji’s This and That” sure gives us a lot of moments that are pure comedic gold. The boys were given boxes of toys and knick-knacks from the 00s generation, perhaps something they may not have been able to relate to as millennial babies. When presented with a floppy disk and asked what it was, Jisung tried to make a smart guess, relating the ‘S’ in ‘USB’ as ‘small’, thus guessing the floppy disk would be ‘UBB’ as in ‘B’ for ‘big’. Chenle’s reaction to his guess was priceless!

Jisung’s bright smile was too precious! If the boy says it’s UBB, it’s UBB from now on!

3. When he was basically the staff’s baby.

Jisung’s cooking adventures always seem to be met with mishaps. This time on “The Dancer“, he almost burned his fingers trying to lift a pot off the stove. The staff directed him to the available cloths behind him.

Unfortunately, things don’t come easy as the cutie-pie proceeded to wipe down the pot using the cloth instead of using it to lift the handles like the staff wanted.

4. When he was obsessed with a toast doll.

Despite his insane dance skills, the maknae is just a kid afterall. On an episode of “The Dancer“, he was meant to be looking for a gift for Highlight‘s Kikwang, but got distracted by a cute toast plushie in a claw machine. As he tried countless times to win it, the machine even ate his money and he had to get help from the watching staff.

Although he didn’t win it in the end, after the clip aired, legions of noona fans offered to buy him as many toast dolls as he wanted!

5. When he reenacted how he slept under the carpet in the dorms.

A moment for all Jisung enthusiasts, on an episode of “Czennies Will Like This Too“, he related the story of how after a run of “The Dream Show” he couldn’t get to sleep and was looking for a warm place to sleep in. He ended up deciding on under the living room carpet, resulting in member Jeno getting the shock of his life the next morning when he discovered Jisung sleeping with the carpet up to his chin.

Not the only moment he has been seen to sleep wherever he ends up dozing off, Jeno also shared this snap of Jisung falling asleep in a corner!

Despite his adorable and precious moments, Jisung also manages to show off reverse charms when he dances! Check out a fan favorite below of him dancing to “Boom“!