NCT 127’s Johnny Shocks “Korean Englishman” YouTubers With The Original R-Rated Title Of “2 Baddies”

His way of explaining is actually pretty clever!

NCT 127‘s Johnny recently appeared in a video for the YouTube channel Korean Englishman, where he and hosts Josh Carrott and Ollie Kendal shared a meal at a celebrity hot-spot restaurant.

NCT 127’s Johnny (center) with Korean Englishman‘s Josh (left) and Ollie (right).

After ordering their meal, the three men begin to discuss Johnny’s activities with NCT 127. After recapping all of their releases since the last time the channel filmed with Mark and Jaehyun, Johnny shares that he thinks 2 Baddies is the group’s best release yet.

Ollie then expresses some confusion about the title, asking exactly what it means, hilariously asking if NCT are “the two baddies.” Johnny explains that the easy way of describing the album is through the Korean title “질주” which means “high speed,” and is all about being confident in yourself.

Johnny then says there’s a harder way of describing the title and simply opens the copy of the group’s album to the lyrics page, telling them that it says the original title will “make a little more sense.” The original title of the song is “2 B*tches 1 Porsche,” and other members have gone viral trying to explain the song’s meaning.

Josh and Ollie immediately begin laughing, with Ollie saying “2 B*tches” out loud in shock as the entire room laughs out loud.

Ollie then begins to ask who exactly the “b*tches” are, to which Johnny replies, “sometimes you just say stuff to sound cool.

Johnny’s delivery of what the song meant only made this moment funnier!

You can check out the full hilarious video below!


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