NCT Hilariously Lost Their Minds When RIIZE’s Seunghan Uttered These Two Words To Them

They couldn’t stop laughing!

RIIZE is the newest boy group to debut under SM Entertainment.

They consist of members Shotaro (2000), Eunseok (2001), Sungchan (2001), Wonbin (2002), Seunghan (2003), Sohee (2003), and Anton (2004). The oldest, Shotaro, is turning 23 years old this year while maknae Anton is 19 years old.

RIIZE | @riize_official/Instagram

Before them, the youngest boy group in the company was NCT Dream. This age gap was emphasized in the second episode of NCT Universe which featured the then-lineup of SM Rookies meeting members of NCT 127, NCT Dream and WayV.

Here, Seunghan put the seniors into a shock when he said a simple statement.

Ever since ‘Chewing Gum,’ I’ve liked Jisung hyung.

— Seunghan

The seniors present couldn’t believe their ears. The words that surprised them most were “Jisung hyung,” the latter being an honorific used by younger males to address guys older than them.

They clapped in disbelief while failing to hold in their laughter. All of them turned to Jisung and repeated the word “hyung.” The member in question amusingly responded by clutching his head in shock.

The atmosphere was such that the editors of the show aptly added the caption, “The other members are making more of a fuss than Jisung himself.”

The reason for NCT’s reaction was because of the reality that Jisung, their maknae, was no longer the perpetual youngest male idol in SM Entertainment. Having been born in February 2002, he was only 14 years old when he debuted in 2016 as a member of NCT Dream.

Jisung is now 21 years old, making him older than three members of RIIZE: Seunghan and Sohee who will turn 20 years old this year as well as Anton who just turned 19.

Watch the full clip below!

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