NCT’s Lucas Spotted With A Second Tattoo, And The Thirst Is Real

Lucas is accidentally revealing it all, and fans are here for it.

Back when WayV was preparing to drop their first full-length album Awaken The World, Lucas surprised everyone by revealing a tattoo. One that turned about to be a real and kept under wraps for a while. If that wasn’t sexy enough for fans, his next surprise had fans even more thirsty.

| @superm/Twitter

After accidentally flashing his cigarettes on an Instagram live, Lucas’s sexiness went through the roof for many NCTzens and WayZenNis. With the sighting of yet another tattoo, he has everyone swerving into his lane.

During one of WayV’s group live broadcasts back in August, all the members gathered together to snack on some watermelon. When Lucas reached forward for more, he forgot that he was trying to keep his back hidden.

On the backside of his left shoulder, Lucas gave everyone a glimpse of a second tattoo. The way his eyes widened afterwards proved he hadn’t intended to show it yet.

It didn’t escape fans’ notice. From what’s visible of the design, many have concluded that it’s a tattoo of a Dragon. Whatever it may be, it’s making everyone fall for Lucas even more than before.

A tattooed guy who sometimes enjoys a smoke break is an image of Lucas fans hadn’t been expecting but are far from mad at.

Watch him take his sexiness up a few notches by accidentally revealing another tattoo, starting from 9:14.