NCT’s Mark Has Been Using The Same Wallet For Around 10 Years — Here’s Why

Humble King.

NCT Dream recently guested on Boys Mental Camp. During a segment where the boys do a little “What’s In My Bag” reveal, the host, Defconn, asked about Mark‘s wallet. Mark shared that the wallet has been with him for a long time.

But this wallet, has been around for really long. I’ve been using it since before I came to Korea.

— Mark

Mark came over to Korea around 2012 as a trainee, meaning the wallet has been with him for at least 9 years or more! The wallet itself though has been around for more than that. Previously, Mark revealed the reason as to why his wallet has become his most precious item. It turns out, the wallet was passed down to him from his older brother.

Hello everyone, this is Mark. Hi. The most precious item that I’ve had since young, is a wallet that I’m still using now. It is an item that I received, passed down from my older brother who previously used it. I’ve been using it until now, since from when I was in Canada. I’m attached to it and I’m used to it as well. I think I will be using it until I lose it.

— Mark

Given the fact that Mark is promoting in almost every unit from NCT, as well as in SuperM, he definitely has the means and more to purchase new luxury brand wallets many times over. However, his attachment to his old items is probably what endears him to many. What a humble King!


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