NCT Members Share Their MBTIs And What It Says About Their Personalities

Is there one that surprises you?

NCT members Johnny, Kun, Doyoung, Sungchan, Jisung, and Jungwoo, dressed as Hogwarts students and gathered in the Gryffindor common room to discuss their MBTIs for MBTI Chamber.

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They revealed the members’ MBTIs and gave a description of the common traits and weaknesses of each type.

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Sungchan’s MBTI is ESTP; they described that type as determined to try new things, full of energy, reasonable, practical, and dependable in emergency situations. Weaknesses are that they tend to be pretty direct, impatient, and poor planners.

Doyoung hilariously agreed that Sungchan is a poor planner and often procrastinates.

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Jungwoo’s MBTI is INFJ; they are curious, insightful, considerate, and creative. For weaknesses, this type tends to dwell on mistakes from the past, and can often get lost in daydreams.

The members agreed, saying that Jungwoo is very creative and is often caught daydreaming.

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Kun’s MBTI type is ESFJ; this type is usually kind and sociable with strong empathy for others. They often make strong leaders. Their weaknesses are that they can be inflexible, and often feel lonely.

The members asked Kun if being lonely made him sad, and he clarified that although he can feel alone at times, it doesn’t mean he is sad.

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Doyoung’s MBTI is ISFJ; they are good at empathizing with others and celebrating others. For weaknesses, they don’t like change, they can hold grudges, and they can be stuck in old ways.

Johnny shared that the day before they filmed MBTI Chambers, Doyoung had bought their choreographer a cake for their birthday, proving his thoughtfulness about others.

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Jisung’s MBTI is INFP; they are well-spoken, they like to help others, and they like to follow the rules. For weaknesses, they can have extreme mood swings, they want to have attention from others a lot, and their mood is easily influenced by what they read, or watch.

Jisung agreed that his mood is easily influenced. He said during quarantine, he watched a sad anime and just recently snapped out of the somber mood it put him in.

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Johnny’s MBTI is ENTP; they are often honest, direct, knowledgable, charismatic, and charming. Weaknesses are that they can be too honest at times and don’t have patience for things they are not interested in.

The members pointed out that his honesty was both a strength and a weakness for his MBTI type. His fellow members also shared that Johnny is genuinely the type to not pay attention to things that don’t interest him.

To check out more about their MBTIs, you can see their full segment below!

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