5 Moments Where NCT Said Encouraging Things Everyone Absolutely Needs To Hear When They Are Down

NCTzens, keep your chin up!

It’s not a strange notion that fans take inspiration and comfort in what their idols say. Here are 5 times where NCT said the most comforting things ever that spurred NCTzens on to do better and to pick themselves back up.

1. When Taeyong told us that we are all good people.

On a live broadcast episode on the 20th of January 2020, the sweet leader shared kind words to fans that were in doubt of themselves.

Everyone is someone that is writing a part of history in the world, and so as much as you work hard, you will become a cool person. You will become a cool person, and you will become a good person, a good adult, and that’s how you shed light on the world, everyone.

– Taeyong

The words managed to touch fans who were encouraged and reassured that they were indeed on the right path and would go on to make even a small impact in life.

2. When Johnny told us to keep going as we were doing well.

As the boys were on their Neo City tour last year, spanning the U.S, Johnny turned on a live stream on Instagram while they were on the tour bus.

You’re doing great. You can do it. You’re moving. You’re going somewhere, you know? I just wanna say thank you for you know just being you!

– Johnny

The kind words probably helped many fans to know that they were indeed doing well and going somewhere, even if they did not see immediate results.

3. When Ten told a 22-year-old fan to explore many things before settling down.

In a video call event with fans, a 22-year-old Weishennie managed to get a few precious moments with him.

You’re 22 so there’s probably many things you want to do. I hope you find what you want to do and if you want to do something, don’t be afraid to do so, and do it with fun. If later you think that this is not it, you can always just find something else. Don’t give yourself too much pressure. You need to try a few things to know what you truly like.

– Ten

Many youths around the world would probably be able to relate to this statement given that it contains a universal message of being unafraid to try out different things.

4. When Doyoung and Jaehyun said to live the way you want to.

On a live stream on the 12th of October 2019, the boys tried to respond realistically to worries and comments. On the topic of life and quitting a job, the boys told fans to just live happily.

Are you hungry? Then eat. Sleepy? Sleep. Are you worrying about if you should quit work? Do it, as long as you don’t regret it. Live your life enjoyably – just to the extent where you don’t regret anything. Do it, do whatever.

– Doyoung and Jaehyun

Although fans may have been taken aback at the candidness of this moment, the advice given is solid. We should all live enjoyably and without regrets, but also with just enough responsibility.

5. When Renjun shared with us what it means to be strong.

In an interview with Arena Homme, Renjun shared with fans what he thinks it means to truly be strong and how he manages to do so.

At first, I cared lots about how other people saw me, how I could act better in front of them and what they thought of me. Afterwards, I realized I could not keep doing what others say, and so I started to walk my own path. In the past I tried to appear stronger on the outside, but now I try to focus on the inside to truly become stronger. You have to have your own thoughts and ideas so others cannot shake you.

– Renjun

Renjun, as a DJ of a regular daily show, often gives sound advice and wise words to the listeners, and this is just one gem of an entire treasure trove.

While the world hasn’t been kind of late, it us up to us to be kind to ourselves, and we hope that these lovely nuggets of wisdom from the boys can encourage you to press on.