NCT Shotaro And Sungchan Reveal Hidden Talents And Thoughts On Joining The Group

Xiaojun and Doyoung praised Shotaro’s talent for a reason.

In the fourth episode of NCT‘s Haechan and Taeil‘s segment Welcome To Sun&Moon, the hosts finally interviewed the members everyone looked forward to most: Shotaro and Sungchan.

Right after their introductions, Taeil encouraged the two to share their strong points. Sungchan did the honors of going first, “Well, I’m good at rapping, dancing, and…” He then stopped to reveal a bit of a hidden talent.

Although he proved to be an ace at aegyo, Sungchan is strong as well, “I’ve been working out nowadays, and many people say I have broad shoulders.” To see for himself, Haechan put his strength to the test.

Sungchan and Haechan both participated in a push-up contest that the former passed easily.

With shaky arms after the tenth push-up, Haechan admitted defeat. Taeil was impressed, “You’re good for sure. Your position was very stable.

Shotaro’s main strength is his fluid dancing, which he gave everyone a small taste of. In fact, both Doyoung and Xiaojun had praised his dancing so highly during their WISH 2020 event that they admitted to learning new things from their newest member.

With a few of their talents revealed, Haechan and Taeil couldn’t end the interview without asking about the pair’s goal for being a part of NCT 2020.

Sungchan began by sharing how he’d felt when finding out he’d be joining the group. “When I heard I was chosen as a new member, I thought, ‘NCTzens will be happy when they see me doing my best.’” He had faith fans would appreciate his efforts and welcome him for it.

Speaking in his native tongue, Japanese, Shotaro expressed his determination to communicate better in Korean and show all his charms. “I’m looking forward to many music activities. I’ll learn Korean hard and do my best of the future projects.

Watch Taeil and Haechan give Sungchan and Shotaro the spotlight to show off a few their skills and share their thoughts about promoting with the group.


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