NCT’s Taeyong Has The Best Reaction After Accidentally Cursing During A Livestream

His reaction was too funny when he realized.

NCT‘s Taeyong recently had fans LOLing after his reaction to accidentally cursing while on live stream.

NCT’s Taeyong | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

NCT 127 recently wrapped up promotions for their latest repackage album, Ay-Yo.  Fans enjoyed seeing the group perform the long-awaited song after completing their NEO CITY: THE LINK world tour dates.

The group members have begun doing individual activities like Doyoung going to Vietnam to film Master In The House

… and Johnny attending the Thom Browne show during New York Fashion Week.

Taeyong seems to be using this time to work on some new music and went live on Instagram while in the studio to chat with fans!

Taeyong spoke English and Korean, impressing fans with his knowledge and asking the person he was in the studio with, producer Zayson, for help anytime he didn’t know a word.

Fans often love Taeyong’s lives because of how comfortable he gets with fans, making it seem like you’re really just on a video call with a friend!

This time, Taeyong got so comfortable that he let a swear word slip out while talking and joking around about teasing the song they were working on.


Taeyong: I like it but with the track?
Zayson: Are we really doing this?
Taeyong: It doesn’t matter, it’s not releasing yet. 
Zayson: Is is never?
Taeyong: Maybe never, shit. 

After saying “sh*t,” Taeyong almost immediately realizes he said a bad word and reacts hilariously, covering his hand with his mouth.

A little after this, a fan comments, “no worries baby, you can curse,” causing Taeyong to ask Zayson what the word cursing meant.

After Zayson explains, Taeyong adorably says, “because I used the sh*t word,” this time whispering the swear as if someone might accidentally overhear it.

Taeyong is known for his IDGAF attitude, even going viral for it previously, so this reaction was too hilariously cute!