NCT’s Taeyong Couldn’t Hide His Disappointment When Sasaeng Fans Crashed His Broadcast

He tried really hard to smile anyway, which pained fans’ hearts.

NCT‘s Taeyong recently held a live broadcast on Naver’s V App in order to spend some quality time with his fans.

On this day, Taeyong appeared wearing a casual t-shirt and training pants, which gave off a very comfortable vibe for his fans to enjoy.

During the broadcast, Taeyong decided to have a sushi eating show while introducing his favorite songs to his fans.

But when he picked up his phone to show his fans the title of a song, a call came in from an unknown number.

Taeyong seemed to be used to this, because he gave a very stern warning by saying, “Please don’t do that” as if this kind of thing happens all the time.

That wasn’t the last call he received from a Sasaeng. When another call came in during the broadcast, Taeyong couldn’t help but sigh as he drew an “X” with his hands.

He looked serious at first, but he then proceeded to smile as he said, “I’m going to change my number” which pained the hearts of his true fans and made them realize how much patience is needed in order to be an idol.

Source: Insight


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