NCT’s Ten Solves The Mystery Of What His Two New Tattoos Are

Though fans got a closer look at one, he revealed what both are.

Among the members of NCT, WayV, and SuperM, Ten is one that ranks high in the number of tattoos he has.

Though fans have seen what the majority of them are, he’s been trying to keep two new ones under wraps—until recently.

| @myeonchkin/Twitter

In SuperM’s behind-the-scenes video for their track “One (Monster & Infinity)”, Ten was spotted with two new tattoos on the upper half of his right arm.

While the tattoo on his forearm was left visible, the others were blurred out. That made fans even more curious about what they could be.

| SuperM/YouTube 

During one of NCT’s online fan signings, one such fan pointed out that Ten would be receiving a lot of questions from NCTzens about his new tattoos.

With a big smile, Ten had put both his hands on his head as he’d said, “Ahhh, no!” Still, he answered the question that many had been wondering about.

Ten revealed that his new tattoos were “a cherry blossom and a butterfly.” In fact, everyone got a closer look at the latter thanks to episode four of Winwin‘s WINformation.

While Ten was dressed as Alice from Alice In Wonderland, the sleeves on the dress were high enough for fans to see the lovely butterfly.

| WayV/YouTube

It looks like everyone will have to wait for Ten to wear another sleeveless shirt for a better glimpse of his second tattoo.

Source: Twitter (1) and (2)

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