NCT’s Lucas Once Walked On The Fashion Runway And Looked Like A Supermodel

Everywhere he walks is a runway

NCT‘s Lucas just made his debut as a member of the new NCT unit, WayV, and people are noticing his good looks. His superb physics and good looks were already well-known among NCTzens and fans believe his small face and perfect proportion makes him look like a supermodel.


Well, it seems like many people in the fashion industry agree with NCTzen since Lucas actually walked on the runway in two different fashion shows.

First, Lucas was in brand KYE‘s fashion show in 2019 S/S Hera Seoul Fashion Week.


You can see he fits right in with other models in the backstage.

Then, he was in 2019 S/S Seoul Fashion Week, modeling for the brand Charm.

Can you believe his body proportion? His face is almost invisible underneath the hat.

This should come as no surprise for fans who know Lucas was accepted by SM Entertainment after he showed them three modeling poses at the open audition.

Check out a clip of Lucas walking on the runway here:




Source: 1boon


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