WayV’s Ten Gave The Best Advice To A Fan About Ex-Boyfriends

He was ready to throw some punches at the ex-boyfriend.

WayV‘s Ten is known for his personable character and how he’s always so willing to get close to fans like they’re friends. His video call fansigns are highly sought after due to how he gets down on their level and listens to their worries, gossips, and stories with sincerity. Recently, a fan in China decided to share some drama in her life with Ten, knowing that he loves being kept up to date on what his 10velys are up to.

  • Fan: “I got that you are so interested in learning your fans’ drama, so I will tell you a love story.”
  • Ten: “Thank you!”

She proceeded to share about how her ex-boyfriend suddenly texted her despite breaking up with her months ago. Ten was ready to throw some punches!

  • Fan: “So the thing is, after like half a year, like a few weeks ago, he texted me again.”
  • Ten: “Don’t answer him! Don’t answer him! Don’t answer him!”
  • Fan: “He said he still loves me.”
  • Ten: “No don’t. You know guys only say that when they’re lonely. So don’t answer him. Don’t even give him like any, emotional support (feelings… don’t keep in touch now.”

Time was almost up but Ten really needed to finish his last piece of advice to the fan. He recognized that the fan might have already replied to the ex-boyfriend, so he advised her to keep things light and simple and firmly in the friendzone. He emphasized that she should not catch feels, and even apologized for telling her not to get back with him despite not knowing who her ex-boyfriend is.

It’s official. The only man we need in our life is Ten!


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