NCT’s Haechan Not Participating in NCT127’s Japanese Tour And Share A Message On Twitter

Get well soon!!

After announcing Haechan will not be joining the rest of NCT127 on the upcoming Japanese tour, Haechan shared a video message on NCT’s Japan Twitter Account. Haechan has been taking a break from all activities due to a leg injury since last December. 

Haechan was advised by his doctors to not participate in overseas tours since the extended travel can be a great strain to his injury. Haechan was able to join his members on a few stages in Seoul concert in a chair.

Haechan shared his regrets for not being able to meet his fans in Japan and left a message of a vow to get better soon.

“Hello, fans in Japan, this is Haechan. I heard many of you are worried about my injury. I appreciate your concerns. I concentrated on my treatment because I wanted to meet everyone, but I am truly sorry for not being able to participate in the tour. I’ll try to get better as soon as possible so please wait for the day for us to meet again soon. I’ll be glad if you’re cheering for the members during the tour. This was Haechan, I’ll receive treatment aggressively!”


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