NCT’s Taeyong And Yuta Share What Goes Through Their Minds While On Stage

Once they see fans, this is exactly what they think about.

NCT 127 were asked all sorts of questions by fans during their visit to Tumblr. One asked what went through their minds when they’re on stage and see fans cheering and singing along.


So, Taeyong and Yuta shared what they thought of and felt in that moment.

Taeyong immediately shouted, “Oh, my baby,” to Doyoung‘s amusement. Then, he dialed it back by explaining that they thought of the fans as: “My honies. My CTzens.” The excitement to answer the question alone showed just how much they appreciate their fans.

Not only that, he explained that seeing fans makes them want to give more during the performance. Like more energy, more eye contact, and more dancing.

And, the energy between them and fans makes NCT even more energized to have fun and make fans’ experiences special.

Unlike Taeyong’s overflowing energy, Yuta’s thoughts were more sentimental. He said, “I’m crying,” which was his way of saying that the sight of fans cheering them on and enjoying their songs makes him emotional.

Although every members’ thoughts weren’t shared, Taeyong and Yuta revealed ones that they all could agree with. Listen to their thoughts of seeing fans from on stage here.