NCT’s Yuta And Winwin Are Driving People Crazy Thanks To Their Handsome Visuals

NCT 127’s handsome foreign duo.

`NCT’s Yuta and Winwin are snatchy fans and netizen hearts thanks to their top-tier visuals.

Many praise Yuta not only for his handsome visuals, but also for his fluency in Korean. People have said that they didn’t know his name and where he was from, anyone would believe that he’s a local Korean. The idol actually hails from Osaka, Japan, and practiced real hard to not only look cool on stage but to also be able to communicate with fans.

Winwin’s charm is how adorable he is when he speaks Korean. Since he is still developing his communication skills, people agree that when he speaks, it’s as if watching a baby learn how converse. That paired with his natural aegyo and adorable mannerisms make him hard to resist.

Aren’t they a gorgeous duo?

Source: Pann