NCTzens Love NCT’s Mark But Doyoung, AKA Mark’s Mom, Loves Him The Most

And nothing’s going to stop him.

To NCTzens, each and every member of NCT is precious – and Mark is a dearly beloved member whose talents and visuals have made fans really stan him. But, of them all, NCT’s very own Doyoung is actually Mark’s biggest fanboy and these adorable Mark – Doyoung moments prove it.


Doyoung is most often heard referring to Mark as “Woori Mark (우리 마크, my boy Mark)” and really supporting him in everything he does.


Back when Mark was a part of NCT Dream unit, Doyoung hosted an interview with the members – in which, he openly thanked Mark for “being beautiful and hard-working”. And the truth was out – Doyoung loves Mark like Mark’s parents love Mark.


So Doyoung earned himself the nickname of “Mark’s Mom” because of his undying love for Mark. Doyoung has always been supportive of everything Mark does, and to show that – Doyoung is always hugging it out with Mark.


Mark almost seems immune to these almost-invasive super tight hugs. Mark must be used to Doyoung’s public display of affection and not mind it too much after all!


Doyoung even went on radio and talked about his plans to name his future children after Mark – which would actually make him Mark’s Dad – and his fellow members Johnny and Jaehyun thought Doyoung is simply too extra.

I always tell Mark like… when I have a son I’m going to name him Minhyung and if I have a daughter, I’m going to name her Minyoung.

— Doyoung


The truth is, Doyoung doesn’t care what other people think about his love for Mark. Mark will always be Doyoung’s baby, his brother, his best friend and his #1 K-Pop idol!