NCTzens Upset By “Fans” Opening NCT 127 Albums In-Store To Steal Photocards

They’re stealing from more than just the store…

Following the release of NCT 127‘s second full-length album Neo Zone, the group kicked off their promotions with a bang by breaking multiple records.

NCT 127 Smashes Multiple Records For All NCT Units With “Neo Zone”

While the group was able to reach their highest amount of pre-orders ever at 530,000 sales, a few of their sales in-store could’ve been compromised by the stealing of photocards—if it weren’t for one dedicated fan.

Wanting to support NCT 127 and get their hands on the new album, a fan headed for the store that caters to everyone’s needs: Target. Instead of picking up one of the two versions and proceeding to checkout, they were in for an unpleasant surprise when picking one up. With the outer plastic punctured and torn back on both ends, it had already been opened.

It hadn’t only been one album out of the bunch that had been ripped open, every single one that was on display was compromised. In her search to find one she could actually buy, the fan stated, “I’m actually having trouble finding an album that’s not open.”

To make the matter worse, the albums seemed to be opened merely because people had wanted to steal the photocards. Upon seeing the video clip documenting the damage, NCTzens were understandably upset.

Fans were quick to tag Target’s Twitter account under the video post, notifying them of what happened and asking for better protection against stealing.

They weren’t the only artist who this has happened to at Target, either. Others mentioned how a lot of K-Pop groups are victims of having the inside contents of their albums stolen. Another even mentioned the stealing of Taylor Swift‘s bonus content as well.

Not only did those so-called “fans” robbed true NCTzens of the pleasure of opening a new album and receiving a photocard, but prevented the sale of those albums. Fortunately, the fan who recorded the video was able to make the best out of the situation.

After explaining to her father why it was so frustrating, he understood and bought all of the opened albums.

Since NCT 127 have put so much hard work into making the new album and Johnny even helped package some of them, no wonder fans would be upset over people ripping open their albums to steal the contents. After this, Target may have to increase the security of all K-Pop albums, rather than just a few.