One “Single’s Inferno” Star Was “Too Lazy” To Attend The Cast Reunion

Viewers had a totally different reason in mind.

The latest season of Netflix‘s Korean dating show Single’s Inferno has come to an end. Now, fans are reminiscing about Single’s Inferno 3 and revisiting memories from past seasons.

“Single’s Inferno 3” poster

After the Single’s Inferno 2 finale, Netflix released a video of the cast watching the first eight episodes.

Viewers noticed that fan-favorite Kim Se Jun wasn’t there, and his presence was greatly missed, especially among the cast.

Even though he was not there, he was frequently mentioned.

So, where exactly was Se Jun during all this?

Lee So E (left) and Kim Se Jung (right)

Se Jun works at the tailor shop Ascottage, owned by Season 1 Single’s Inferno star Oh Jin Taek, who is the CEO and style advisor.

Since Ascottage expanded its business to Singapore around the time of the reunion, fans thought Se Jun was in Singapore at the time of the filming. As it turns out, that wasn’t true!

During a Q&A, Oh Jin Taek’s cat Oly told fans that Se Jun was simply “too lazy” to attend.

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