Netizen Shares Wild Story Of Running Into “All Of Us Are Dead” Zombie Extras While Drunk

“I thought to myself, ‘I’m f*cked.'”

A netizen’s story is going viral on different Korean online communities due to its hilarious, but absolute absurd story involving the hit Netflix zombie series, All of Us Are Dead.

Poster for “All of Us Are Dead” | Netflix

According to the netizen, it all began during the early hours of dawn after a night of drinking. They shared that they were on their way home when they turned into an alleyway. It was in this very alley that the netizen noticed there were “zombies sitting there.”

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I was heading home at dawn after drinking but as soon as I entered an alleyway, I saw a ton of f*cking zombies sitting there.

My legs completely froze up and I thought to myself ‘I’m f*cked.’ In those 3 seconds, I had a lot of thoughts. It was during that time that I made eye contact with a zombie. That one looked sheepish, but told me they were in the middle of filming and suggested that I just walk on by. Hahahahahahahaha it turns out, they were filming for ‘All of Us Are Dead’ and they were on a break…I honestly almost cried…

— Anonymous netizen

Zombie extras on “All of Us Are Dead” | Netflix

The netizen continued with their hilariously terrifying encounter by revealing why they suddenly chose to share their story almost a year later.

Honestly, it was probably one of the top 3 most shocking encounters of my life…it’s been more than a year but I thought of it after watching a ‘All of Us Are Dead’ teaser. Hahaha I’m going to watch it to see if my house alleyway makes an appearance…

— Anonymous netizen

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Upon reading the story, fellow netizens quickly began to comment on the terrifying but amazingly hilarious encounter. Many of them acknowledged how “scary” it must have been, while some couldn’t believe that actual “zombies” were involved.

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  • “Omg, it makes sense that they were f*cking terrified hahahahahahahaha.”
  • “Whoa that’s f*cking scary hahahahahahaha”
  • “Omg hahahaha I wonder if it was pre-production…?”
  • “I thought it was something they made up because they drank but f*ck it was real hahaha”
  • “Hahaha it was really zombies haha”
  • “I bet they were genuinely so scared haha”
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All of Us Are Dead is proving itself to be Netflix’s next Korean mega-hit, as the high school zombie series continues to top charts all over the world. The incredible actors, the thrilling plot, and the intricate details that went into the series—including the zombie extras—are being praised by viewers.

You can read more about the zombie characters and why the director of the apocalyptic series focused so much on the extras here:

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Source: WikiTree and theqoo

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