Netizens Believe This “Nizi Project” Contestant To Be A Guaranteed Win, Thanks To Her “JYPE-Preferred” Visual

“If she doesn’t deserve a spot in the final line up, then who does?”

Since its premiere on Hulu TV, JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young‘s new reality program Nizi Project has gained a tremendous amount of attention among viewers — all in high anticipation for the next “it” Japanese girl group from the agency.

A total of 26 Japanese trainees between ages 15 and 22 will train on the show for six months, competing to be chosen for the final lineup.

As the episodes unfold, viewers have noticed this one contestant, Arai Ayaka

… for her uncanny resemblance to a number of previous JYP Entertainment’s artists, including Wonder GirlsSohee and Suzy

Viewers believe Arai Ayaka is a classic example of Park Jin Young’s “preferred type” of visual when it comes to his girl group trainees…

… and thus are convinced that she will, regardless of her actual singing or dancing talent — currently ranking her in the lower tier, be included in the final line up.

Viewers also believe, since Arai Ayaka has a lot of room to improve — and that “growing into perfection” is a beloved quality in Japanese girl group fandoms, she has a high chance of debuting at the end of this program!

Watch her charm Park Jin Young with the sweetest smile:

Source: THEQOO