Korean Netizens Call ITZY’s Chaeryeong The First Ever “Rich Mom” Type Of Character For Her Unique Brand Of Elegant Humor

Rich mom vibes.

ITZY‘s Chaeryeong was rather shy and quiet in her teens as seen on SIXTEEN, but she has truly blossomed since then! She is quickly becoming a fan favorite on variety shows for her unique brand of humor. Korean netizens are amazed at how she doesn’t even try to be funny, but just naturally is.

Her elegant mannerisms and speech paired with a no-filter attitude often end up making others laugh. Her famous line, “You laugh?” on Knowing Bros got everyone cracking up.

Her recent appearance on Knowing Bros for ITZY’s latest comeback got fans rolling on the ground with laughter again. As the girls were chatting with the hosts, MC Lee Soo Geun suddenly realized that Chaeryeong was the only one standing up. He quickly asked her if she had something to say.

The cutie had actually been spacing out, and when she realized she was the only one standing, she reacted with the most elegant sigh you’ll ever hear.

The reaction got Korean netizens calling her “the first ever samo-nim character” they ever saw in K-Pop, praising her elegant humor.

  • “The world’s first female idol with the samo-nim character.”
  • “She does awkward things elegantly kkkkkkkkkkkkk Lee Chaeryeong is really a unique character.”

Samo-nim is used to refer to rich wives or madams, befitting of our elegant desert fox! Catch the clip below.



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