Netizens Are Confused AF About Whether The Girl In This Photo Is aespa’s Karina Or WJSN’s Yeoreum

Nobody can be sure as to who it is!

A certain photo caught the eye of netizens, and no one can seem to tell which girl group idol is in this photo!

| The Qoo

While the idol in the picture is gorgeous, fans couldn’t help but think it could be one of two celebrities; aespa‘s Karina

| SM Entertainment

…or WJSN‘s Yeoreum!

After enough sleuthing, netizens came to the conclusion that it was indeed Yeoreum, because, upon closer inspection, the girl in the photo lacked Karina’s famous beauty spot near her lips…

And they also traced the photo to WJSN’s Dazed Korea photoshoot for April 2021!

It was the similarity in styling and the angle that the photo was taken from that had fans super confused, but they all agree that both Karina and Yeorum have different visuals that have charms of their own!

Source: The Qoo