Netizens Can’t Get Over IZ*ONE Jang Won Young’s Goddess-Like Visuals In Their Latest Photoshoot

Face, height and proportions? God has favorites.

IZ*ONE is known for their incredibly beautiful members but one member in particular is garnering a lot of attention from netizens for her visuals.

| Mnet

IZ*ONE was featured in the November edition of WAVES Magazine China and member Jang Won Young started quite a buzz for her stunning visuals!


The girl group member was born in 2004, making her only 16 and yet, she is stunning everyone with her incredible, goddess-like visuals. Her perfectly symmetrical face with her big doe eyes and cute little nose seem to be highly favored by K-netizens. People can’t get over how amazing she looks at such a young age! Everyone anticipates that she will only get more beautiful with time.


While she can be seen in a group photo above, her visuals still manage to stand out in the sea of all the other visuals. Not to say that the other IZ*ONE members aren’t stunning, but Jang Won Young somehow stands out. Talk about beauty! K-netizens had quite a lot to say about the IZ*ONE member’s beauty. “She’s a literal princess, a princess!”, “whatever she does, she’s always so pretty”, “she’s so f**king pretty”, “so so cute”.

| Nate

This wouldn’t be the first time the IZ*ONE member made headlines for her looks. Standing at 5’7 tall, she always mesmerizes netizens and fans with her perfect body proportions. It’s like she was just meant to be a celebrity.

Meanwhile, IZ*ONE is gearing up for their highly anticipated comeback that they will be performing for the first time at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards. This is set to air December 6 so be on the look out for that.

Source: Nate and Instiz