Netizens Are In Love With How Kang Daniel Became The Ultimate Wedding Gift

“I brought her a Kang Daniel.”

On Twitter, user @_moonine shared a single picture taken at her friend’s wedding. While it mostly looks like an average wedding picture, it actually features a life-size 2D cut out of Kang Daniel next to the bride. The Twitter user explained, “My friend got married today and I brought her a Kang Daniel.”


The cut out, based on this Vogue photoshoot Kang Daniel had done September 2019…


… looked as gorgeous as a life-size cut out of Kang Daniel could possibly look:


And netizens got a good laugh at the bride’s reaction to the friend’s cheeky gift to celebrate the occasion!

  • “LOL. It looks like she got married to Kang Daniel.”
  • “Wow, daebak. LMAO. This is true friendship at work.”
  • “The direction she is facing…!”
  • “I wish I could see the look on the groom’s face LOL.”
  • “Why does it look this natrual…!”


Attending someone’s wedding soon? A Kang Daniel might be exactly what you need.

Kang Daniel