Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To SEVENTEEN S.Coups’s Actions After Seeing A Fan Had Another Idol On Their Phone Case

Fans say this is just his way of teasing.

SEVENTEEN are currently on their BE THE SUN tour and have been providing plenty “Y/N” moments for fans at every single stop.

SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

The group often singles out fans for not dancing during their infinite “Aju Nice,” providing chances for fans to sing for the group, and dance on the big screen while being hyped up by the group.

Some of the members also take it a step further and will give fans some of their stage clothes, or even take their phones to record a video of themselves.

During the group’s recent concert in Bangkok, S.Coups began to do give a fan their own “Y/N” moment, but his actions after have garnered some mixed reactions.

SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups | @pledis_17/Twitter

S.Coups first gestured for a security guard to bring him a lucky fan’s phone. Once he got the phone, S.Coups first opened the camera on the phone before flipping it over to check out the back. He can be seen pointing at something on the fan’s phone that turned out to be the name of another group.

He then snaps a quick picture before shaking his head jokingly at the fan while smiling as the security returns to the fan’s phone.

Fans have found this hilarious with the original poster of the video even jokingly saying to always change your phone case if you want S.Coups to take it. Other fans have brought up the times S.Coups has gotten sulky about Carats mentioning other idols.

While many see this as a lighthearted joke, some did not like his actions.

The person whose phone he took has since shared the photo S.Coups snapped, and seems to have been amused by the entire situation as well.

While there are mixed opinions, fans see his actions as a way of teasing CARATs and showing how close their bond is.

You can check out another time S.Coups teased CARATs below.

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