Netizens Prefer LOONA’s Concept And Image Before SM’s Lee Soo Man Directed Them

Wow, what a difference!

Girl group LOONA has been exploding in popularity, making a strong mark in the K-Pop world. They made headlines when it was revealed that SM Entertainment‘s Lee Soo Man would start directing them. Netizens noticed, however, that their concept drastically changed and that they actually prefer their image before. Let’s take a look.

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Before Lee Soo Man took over and started directing for LOONA, the girls were often spotted wearing lovely outfits to fit their feminine image. They also filmed their music videos with brighter backgrounds to showcase their girly image.

Here they are wearing flowy white blouses that are tucked into skinny black pants. Their choreography reflects their feminine image with it imitating a flower. Their movements are feminine and dainty, showing off their girlier side.

Wearing matching pleated white skirts and red polo shirts, the girls of LOONA once again show off their girly charm. Pair that with their knee high socks and they really envelope the student look. Their bright image is really showcased through their outfits and cute choreography.

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Once Lee Soo Man took charge and started directing for the girl group, their once girly image completely changed into a fierce, girl crush concept. The widely loved and trendy girl crush concept is a startling change from their once innocent image.

With the dark background and red accent colors, the girls of LOONA look intense and fierce, which is completely different from before. The big and bold dance moves also differ from their once dainty moves.

The black clothes, leather jackets and strong gazes really captivate their viewers. The movements and the way they hold themselves emulates a different era of LOONA. Their choreography also showcases a stronger version of the girls as well.

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After comparing the drastic before’s and after’s, netizens couldn’t help but be divided on their opinions. Here’s what they had to say.

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  • “I mean as long as they do well it’s all that matters…but I understand those who prefer the before”
  • “I really like So What”
  • “I liked the group’s image before but after LSM’s directing, their songs are more my style
  • “I really liked all there songs…”
  • “I thought they had more color before and I liked it better”
  • “I personally liked their concept and songs before”
  • “I still like them now but I really liked them before…especially their songs before debut were so good”
  • “Their songs are better now but their concept were better before”


Regardless of whether you prefer the before or after, the girls of LOONA shine proving that they can take on anything. Which one do you guys prefer?

Source: theqoo