Netizens Respond To How Olympic Figure Skater Kim Yuna Spends Her Days As An “Unemployed” Person

“I have something in common with Kim Yuna!”

Kim Yuna, a retired South Korean figure skater and Olympic athlete, recently shared how she spends her days these days as an “unemployed” person.

Kim Yuna | @yunakim/Instagram

On tvN‘s You Quiz on the Block, Kim Yuna sat with emcees Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho and talked about her life—past to present. Being a national treasure of Korea and winning the country a gold medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics, Kim Yuna had many ups and downs throughout her figure skating career.

Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Yuna, and Jo Se Ho (left to right) | tvN

When asked if she felt a burden at the time she won the gold medal because of the public’s expectations of her, Kim Yuna shared an honest answer that showed her healthy and strong mindset.

I couldn’t help but feel pressured but I thought, ‘The Olympics are decided by heaven.’ I had mind-control in that way. Also, I had built up so much experience and had great results before the Olympics, so I knew that this one experience wasn’t going to get rid of all that I did. No matter what other people say, I wouldn’t think of myself that way… Even if I win second or third place, I knew the world wasn’t going to end.

— Kim Yuna

Kim Yuna at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver | Olympics

Kim Yuna retired in 2014, and now her days look a lot different than the days she was training for the Olympics. On You Quiz on the Block, Kim Yuna shared that these days, she sleeps late and wakes up late—she sleeps at around 3 or 4 a.m. and wakes up at noon.

| @yunakim/Instagram

She admitted feeling guilty and often asked herself, “Am I allowed to live like this?” because she would wake up when others were eating lunch after working hard in the morning. However, she said she couldn’t help but live like this because her biorhythm was already set in this pattern.

Yoo Jae Suk (left) and Kim Yuna (right) | tvN

In an online community, a post titled “An unemployed woman who goes to bed at 4 a.m. and wakes up at noon” gathered curious netizens. The post was about Kim Yuna and her noon to 4 a.m. days, and Korean netizens shared their opinions about the topic. Many stated that Kim Yuna deserves to rest after all her accomplishments.

| fmkorea
  • “From childhood to 2014, she worked hundreds of times harder than others, so she’s right to enjoy it… but I’m fricking jealous”
  • “This is one of the reasons why people want to become rich and unemployed lol”
  • “Movies and the internet are definitely more fun late at night lol”
  • “I wonder how it feels to graduate life in your 20s”
  • “If you have assets like Yuna, then you’re not unemployed; you’re a fund manager”
  • “I’ve discovered I have something in common with Kim Yuna”
  • “She’s human”
  • “Do everything that others have been doing; she’s qualified to do that ^^”
  • “We’re making money to do this in the first place”
  • “She’s the same as me;;; but our wealth is not the same…”
  • “Isn’t this the real rich and unemployed life we all dream of? Lol It’s not like she has no income, but I’m jealous…”
  • “I’m envious she can live in peace because she already made money that most people can’t make in their lifetime”

What are your thoughts?

Source: fmkorea
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