Netizens Speculate The Specific Opportunities FIFTY FIFTY Might Have Missed Out On After Controversy

They linked certain big names to the media reports.

K-Pop girl group FIFTY FIFTY has taken over headlines following their very public fallout with their agency ATTRAKT.

FIFTY FIFTY | | @we_fiftyfifty/Instagram

Earlier, Korean media outlets reported that due to the current conflicts, the group had to cancel the music video for an original soundtrack in the upcoming Barbie movie. Additionally, the label reportedly had to cancel multiple schedules, which included high-scale brand deals and an appearance on one of Korea’s biggest variety programs.

Following this report, Korean netizens showed sympathy only toward the label’s CEO. At the same time, the four members of the group were criticized for their “greedy” choice to get into a legal battle with ATTRAKT and try to terminate their contract with the agency.

Now, netizens are speculating about what exact opportunities the group has lost over this conflict, which has spiraled out of control over just a few days. A viral post on the popular Korean blogging site, theqoo, stated that the commercial shoot FIFTY FIFTY had to cancel would have supposedly co-starred Son Heung Min, South Korea’s global soccer star.

Son Heung Min | @hm_son7/Instagram

The “global electronics company,” whose endorsement was lost by the group, is speculated to be Samsung. The variety program where FIFTY FIFTY was supposed to appear as guests is allegedly You Quiz on the Block, hosted by the “national MC” Yoo Jae Suk.

Netizens’ speculations about the specific opportunities that the group might have missed out on | theqoo

The post also mentioned the group’s absence from KCON LA, where they were originally scheduled to perform on August 19. ATTRAKT confirmed this news on July 4.

Though these specific details are just speculations, netizens seemed certain about the possibility of them being genuine and lamented the loss of such great opportunities for everyone involved with the group, but mainly for the CEO.

| theqoo
  • “CEO-nim, cheer up TT.”
  • “They felt the golden egg coming and slit their own bellies. Crazy.”
  • “Wow, LOL. If it all had gone through, they could have had historic achievements.”
  • “That was really foolish (of them).”
  • “Since they managed to book schedules like that, they probably took it for granted.”
  • “I’ve never seen fools like these before. Cheer up Mr. CEO!”
  • “If they had done only one among those, it would’ve been amazing. The lineup is so fancy.”
Source: theqoo