These New Adverts Prove BTS Really Is Everywhere You Go Now

V is now the first Korean idol to have this kind of ad.

BTS has been taking over the planet for some time now, and their fans have gone above and beyond to spread their influence all over the globe.


ARMY‘s promotional tools of choice are, no doubt, social media and word of mouth, but they have also gone to great lengths to fund BTS ads for bus stops…


…on busses…


…at subway terminals…


…inside subway cars…


…at aquariums, and much, much more.


became the first individual celeb to have his ad displayed in Times’ Square…

BTS V Becomes First Celebrity To Be On Times Square Studio Screen


…and ARMYs recently paid for Jungkook commercials to play between end-of-year programs such as MBC‘s 2018 Gayo Daejaejeon. These prime time commercial slots cost millions of dollars to secure!

How A.R.M.Ys are Literally Advertising BTS Jungkook


As if that wasn’t enough,  fans have now taken their love to new heights. Literally.


As of December 30, V became the first Korean idol to have his image promoted inside of an airplane, thanks to fansite Taegers Team Vietnam and Jetstar Pacific Airlines.


From December 30, 2018 to January 30, 2019, V’s handsome face will be up in the sky, to celebrate his birthday.


On buses, subways, and now planes…BTS truly is everywhere you go!