NewJeans’ Hanni Landed A Job In High School Even Before Debuting As A K-Pop Idol

“It was really fun.”

NewJeansHanni may be young, but she already has two job experiences under her belt!


Fans already know that she debuted in HYBE rookie group NewJeans back in 2022. The five-member girl group made waves in the industry with their hit songs “Attention,” “Hype Boy,” “Ditto,” and “OMG,” to name a few.

The Vietnamese Australian singer herself guested on variety shows like Leemujin Service where she amazed listeners with her soulful covers of songs like “Just A Feeling,” “wa-r-r,” and “Lucky.”

But before she was a K-Pop idol, Hanni was a regular student in Australia! In an interview with NME, the members were asked about their first job, and she talked about her work experience as a high school student.

According to the 2004-liner, Australian high schools finish the semester earlier than their primary schools.

First job before our debut as NewJeans… In Australia, the semester has terms when you go to school. High school finishes earlier than primary school, maybe a week and a half earlier.

— Hanni

Since she had a lot of free time, one of her old primary school teachers called her up and asked if she could help out at the school. Her younger sister was still studying, so she was more than happy to oblige!

I had nothing to do, and then I got called by my old primary school teacher to come and help at the school because my sister still went there.

— Hanni

Pre-debut photo of Hanni

For her first job, she was tasked with organizing the books in the library, cleaning desks, and moving them around if needed. What did she think of the entire experience? “It was really fun,” she said with a grin.

So I went to help for the last week and a half of the semester. I organized books in the library, too. Cleaned and moved desks as well. It was really fun.

— Hanni

The 18-year-old female idol may no longer be helping out in school, but it’s an experience that she’ll remember fondly forever! In related news, learn what she had to say about HYBE’s vocal training method in the article below.

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