Vocal Trainer Exposes “The Key” To NewJeans’ “Trendy” Sound

“Usually idols need to have…”

Since their debut NewJeans have continually gone viral and broken records with their hit songs and catchy choreography.

NewJeans | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

The group has also received recognition for their vocal talent, even for their stellar live performances. In one encore stage for their recent track “OMG,” Hanni especially stood out to netizens for her stable vocals.

Hanni has opened up in the past about the unusual way that NewJeans trained, focusing on songs that ADOR believed had a similar vibe to what they envisioned for the group’s music.

Right before we started preparing for the debut album, our label already had a list of songs that they wanted to try, and they gave our vocal trainers a list of songs that were similar to the songs we would do.

— Hanni

NewJeans’ Hanni | KBS Kpop/YouTube

Recently producer Hye Rin Son and vocal trainer Hee Kyung Kim watched a behind-the-scenes video for NewJeans’ recording process. Not only were they impressed with the members’ incredible vocals, mastering the recording easily…

Producer Hye Rin Son and Hee Kyung Kim | Heyday/YouTube

But they both agreed that one distinguishing factor about NewJeans’ music sets the group apart from most other K-Pop groups. According to the two, NewJeans give off an innovative feeling because of their unique sound.

Hye Rin Son: [NewJeans’ music] is calm but also exciting.

Hee Kyung Kim: I think it is very trendy. It is like pop music with nice vocal sound, and their concept is “newtro.” So these factors make people think it is something new.

| Heyday/YouTube

Even more notably, NewJeans focus less on hitting high notes or having powerful voices than other K-Pop groups.

Hee Kyung Kim: Usually, idols need to have a powerful voice and high notes. So a main vocal’s job was to sing high notes and make improvised sounds.

| Heyday/YouTube

Instead, NewJeans focus on “their tone of voice.”

Hee Kyung Kim: (But NewJeans is) All about their tone of voice. Every single member of NewJeans has a nice tone of voice.

| Heyday/YouTube

Because of their approach to their music and vocal skills, NewJeans have already established a unique musical identity that fans can keep looking forward to.

Hee Kyung Kim: When it comes to vocalization, it was all about the high notes. This means there is less low tone. I believe the key was to bring out the low tone that people were not interested in.

| Heyday/YouTube

You can watch the full video here.