NewJeans Hyein’s Resurfaced Past Leaves Netizens In Awe

She has worked hard.

NewJeans‘ youngest member Hyein has been the center of public attention ever since the group debuted. The debate around her young age quickly gave way to more positive reactions, with people recognizing her exceptional vocals, powerful visuals, and overall charisma as a performer.

NewJeans Hyein | @newjeans_official/Instagram

Hyein’s past also became an intriguing topic for netizens. She used to appear frequently on certain YouTube shows and had her own channel as well. From those videos, people found out that she is a hardcore fan of K-Pop acts like BTS and TXT. The fact that she successfully debuted under the same label as her idols was a heartwarming coincidence that won her even more praise and love from fans.

Now, another intriguing part of Hyein’s childhood has come to the surface, amusing netizens. Last month, the Instagram profile of a dance academy in Seoul called Muse Dance posted a few clips of the NewJeans’ maknae from when she was only 10 years old. In the videos, she can be seen performing a traditional Korean dance routine with so much poise and control that even the instructor could not hold back her compliments.

Hyein’s graceful dance charmed viewers, with her innocent face and sparkly eyes drawing on their heartstrings. In the caption, the academy praised her diligence, saying that she used to travel from Incheon to Seoul when she was only a 3rd grader in elementary school to learn Korean traditional dance. Though she attended the dance school briefly, her talents shone so bright that the school had plans to send her to an art school to major in Korean traditional dance after her elementary education was over!

The teacher also mentioned a fun fact in the caption. Hyein and BABYMONSTER’s Rora were actually classmates at this academy, and she wished both her students good luck for their rising careers as idols!

NewJeans Hyein, when she was in elementary school, 3rd grade.
I’m so happy that Google’s recommended pictures brought this up. An unforgettable pretty student.
It’s Hyein, who, although briefly, came from Incheon Songdo to Seoul Jeonnongdong to learn Korean dance.

Though she’s pretty now as well, back then, she was so pretty and diligent. To be honest, I wanted her to send her to an arts middle school to major in Korean dance, haha.

Hyein, I’m keeping up well with NewJeans. Many, many congratulations. Your teacher will keep rooting for you. Come with Dain next time and hang out, haha.

NewJeans Hyein! BABYMONSTER Rora (Da In)!! Both of you fighting!!!

—Musce Dance’s Instagram caption on all the posts

Once netizens discovered Hyein’s elegant past, they were left awestruck with her beauty and grace, even at such a young age.

  • “How can a 3rd grader be this beautiful?”
  • “Wow, awesome. She’s freaking pretty. What did I do when I was in 3rd grade?”
  • “Wait a second, how can someone’s bare face in 3rd grade be that pretty…?”
  • “But I just played around when I was in 3rd grade.”
  • “Hyein has worked hard all her life, I see…”
  • “Really pretty, for real. Her face (features) was complete even back then.”

Looks like NewJeans’ maknae is a hidden ace after all!