Netizens Are Obsessed With NewJeans’ Evolution From Squishy Babies To Gorgeous Idols

Here are predebut photos of each member from childhood to now!

The members of NewJeans are gaining attention for their new circulating predebut photos. Showing each member as a baby, a child, a preteen, and now, each photo shows how all of the members have always been visuals since day one!

NewJeans | @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

1. Haerin

Haerin‘s serious expression and adorable cat-like features left netizens crack up laughing at her consistency!

NewJeans’ Haerin | Instiz
  • “(…) Haerin seems to have grown with that expression lol”
  • “No but Haerin LMFAO How can a baby be this serious?”
  • “Wow the babies are all so pretty… Meanwhile Haerin’s first pic is so… LMAO cute”
| Instiz

2. Minji

Minji‘s evolution from a baby to the stunning young lady she is today shows that she has always been a visual!

NewJeans’ Minji | Instiz

3. Danielle

From her sweet eye smile to her adorable ears, Danielle’s baby photos are instantly recognizable!

NewJeans’ Danielle | Instiz
  • “Danielle was so crazy when she was young LOL so cute”
  • “Ah Danielle lmao I want to poke her cheeks!”
  • “Danielle is so cute *crying*”
  • “Ah Danielle LOL I’m going crazy”
| Instiz

4. Hanni

Hanni‘s evolution shows how she grew up from a baby princess to a beautiful idol!

NewJeans’ Hanni | Instiz

5. Hyein

Maknae Hyein left netizens stunned with her big gorgeous eyes since she was young.

NewJeans’ Hyein | Instiz

Netizens had nothing but praise for the beautiful girls!

  • “Wow really everyone is so pretty *crying*”
  • “Baby princesses”
  • “Weren’t these [photos] all taken yesterday…”
  • “Aww the babies are so pretty”
| Instiz

NewJeans is a group full of visual members!

| @NewJeans_twt/Twitter
Source: Instiz


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