Netizens Think That This 21-Year-Old Restaurant Owner Is A Lookalike Of NewJeans’ Minji

Do you see it?

This 21-year-old Japanese restaurant owner and college student is going viral for her looks. Korean netizens posted her on forum sites after her story was covered in Japanese media.

Ikeda Honoka runs a Chinese cuisine restaurant in Matsudo, Chiba. She is in charge of cooking, and running the place.

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The young girl inherited the restaurant from her grandfather, who had doted on her throughout her life. He had always wished for Honoka to take on his restaurant should he pass on. Due to an unfortunate sudden death, Honoka was given the responsibility of continuing his legacy. She recruited her college friend to work with her.

Honoka (left) and her friend (right). | theqoo

Their beauty may be one of the reasons that many flock to the place, but their dedication is the main draw. Honoka spent a long time trying to recreate her grandfather’s dishes, despite never having learnt how to cook in her life.

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Her friend, a Japanese-born Taiwanese, helps develop new dishes for Chinese cuisine.

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Korean netizens were touched by her responsibility and filial piety. They also compared her looks to NewJeansMinji.

Honoka. | theqoo

While her beauty is unparalleled, the hardworking girl balances both school and running the place. Thanks to her sincerity, the regulars who left after her grandfather’s death came flocking back. Netizens buzzed about her similarities to Minji in terms of looks, as well as praised her for her diligence.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Seems like I’m not the only one who thinks she looks like Minji.
  • Gasp, I too, felt she looked like Minji as I scrolled down. She’s a real beauty. She’s so cool!
  • Pretty.
  • Minji and Sejeong‘s eyes.
  • The food looks tasty.
  • Even if the food sucks, I think people would go to see the owner…
  • Wow, really pretty.
  • Wow, so cool.

The restaurant is now registered as one of the best ones locally!


Source: theqoo