K-Netizens React To A College Student Who Resembles NewJeans’ Minji

Do you think they look similar?

Recently, an online community board gained attention due to a video of a college student and restaurant manager who resembles NewJeans’ Minji.

Honoka Ikeda | SugoUma Japan / Japanese Food/ YouTube

Honoka Ikeda, is a student who invented a large menu of dishes in order to revive a Chinese restaurant that is on the verge of collapse.

Honoka Ikeda | SugoUma Japan / Japanese Food/ YouTube

She revealed that she became a restaurant owner because of her grandpa.

The reason I became a store owner is because my grandpa got cancer. I’ve been supporting him in his fight against the disease all my life. He didn’t worry about himself at that time. I saw how he worried only about the store all the time. I started to help him and protect his store.

Honoka Ikeda | SugoUma Japan / Japanese Food/ YouTube

Honoka and her friend hoped to continue to make good food and even possibly go overseas to make the restaurant known to more people.

I’d like to continue to bring out new menus items that surpass steak fried rice.

Honoka Ikeda | SugoUma Japan / Japanese Food/ YouTube

Netizens that saw the video couldn’t help but notice how similar she looked to Minji!

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “She looks so pretty even with glasses on.”
  • “Oh wow she really does look like her!”
  • “She kinda looks like Nana too.”
  • “Yea she does resemble Minji.”
  • “Oh she does! She’s pretty.”
  • “Wow so pretty.”
  • “I heard she joined a company now. I saw it on her Instagram.”

Checking out her Instagram, it was revealed that she did join an agency!

She is a part of Cent. force Co.Ltd, a Japanese talent agency headquartered in Ebisu, Shibuya, Tokyo. The agency mostly houses announcers, casters, and reporters. The subsidiary label, Sprout Co, Ltd, focuses on talent management for students at a college level.

Honoka Ikeda Profile | Cent. force Co. Ltd

Watch the full video below!

Source: theqoo