A Newlywed Wife Gets Enraged After Finding Guests Posing With Ilbe Hand Signs In Her Wedding Photos

This is revolting behavior 😡

A story shared by a newlywed on an online community has caused an absolute outrage amongst Korean netizens.

On December 31st, a newlywed wife shared something shocking that she found in her recently acquired wedding photos. She then asks for the opinion of fellow online community users to see if she was justified in her anger. This is the story that she shared.

| theqoo

It’s been 3 months since I got married and today, we received our wedding album. I am not familiar with the ilbe hand sign so I had no idea that that’s what was going on in the photos. I just showed the photo to a friend on my husband’s side. As soon they saw the photo, they responded with ‘who are those people on the side doing the ilbe hand signs?’  My husband’s friend can be seen doing the ilbe hand sign as well as his younger sibling.

— Newlywed Wife

She then asked the community if she was justified in her anger or if she was wrong for feeling this way.

Am I the weird one for getting angry at this situation? I knew to a certain extent that they dabbled in ilbe but because my husband isn’t correlated with the community, I didn’t think twice about it. But this is my wedding photo and they ruined it by smearing dog s**t all over it. I’m so livid my hands are shaking and I can’t sleep.

— Newlywed Wife

The newlywed wife then shared the wedding photo in question, where she blurred out the faces of everyone in the picture. She circled the alleged ilbe hand signs in red to indicate what she was talking about.

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In the photo, you can see two guests making a very specific hand sign with their pointer finger and thumb to create a circle, while the ring finger is bent. Similar to the “okay” sign here in the states, this particular sign has been correlated with the ilbe community. Ilbe is an extremist alt-right movement group that is known for their outrageously offensive beliefs, which is why this newlywed wife was so infuriated after finding the hand signs in her wedding photos.

Created by disgruntled right-wing South Korean men, this group of people congregate on an anonymous online forum where they can rant about controversial subjects without repercussions. The reasons why people hate them, you may ask? They stand for misogyny. Women’s rights, LGBTQ community, immigrants, political left, etc. they hate all of them. They shocked the nation when they taunted and mocked a father who went on a hunger strike after he lost his child in the devastating Sewol Ferry tragedy. They threw a pizza party, binge eating right in front of the grief stricken father.

Site of ilbe pizza party | Huffinton Post Korea

Any relation to this ilbe community has been received with incredible backlash because of their insensitive, vulgar and offensive stances. It is due to this negative connotation that netizens collectively banded together and all got enraged along with the wife when she shared her story. Here is what they had to say.

| theqoo
  • “Reveal their faces. They ruined your photo by spreading s**t all over it so might as well”
  • “That’s disgusting. Honestly, her husband is probably a part of ilbe too”
  • “Let’s spread the rumors everyone”
  • “Let’s spread the news and give them a run for their money. What the f**k are they doing in someone else’s wedding photos”
  • “The fact that they’re showing it off on purpose shows that including her boyfriend, they’re all ilbe. Those are two are just the idiots who don’t have a reality check to hide it.”
  • “I’ve always been curious but why is it that members of the ilbe community as so desperate to show off that they’re a part of it? Really, why? Do they think they’ll get some type of award by advertising that they’re human trash?”
  • “F**king crazy”
  • “They’re seriously crazy”
  • “If they’re in a wedding photo, it means that they have somewhat of a close relationship so for them to do this type of s**t, does that mean ilbe got to them to that extent? The nation’s going to be pissed so we should create a chatroom and share these photos and give them a run for their money. They need to apologize these bas***ds.”
  • “You should spread the photos in a chatroom and say ‘our wedding photos came out but what does these hand signs mean?’ Ask them. Wow it’s truly disgusting.”


What an incredibly disrespectful and disgusting thing to do on someone’s special day. We hope that she gets to the bottom of this and receives the apologies that she deserves.

Source: theqoo and Mic

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