Where Is She Now? – The News Announcer Who Went Viral For Her MAXIM Korea Cover

Her career came to a halt abruptly.

MAXIM Korea, one of the most famous men’s magazines in South Korea, is known for its risqué photoshoots featuring beautiful female models and celebrities. But announcers getting a feature on its cover is a rare sight. In 2018, a popular sports announcer, Park Shin Young, went viral for achieving this impressive feat.

Park Shin Young | Wikitree

Park Shin Young was a sports announcer who started her career in 2014 at MBC‘s Sports+ channel. Her ability to discuss sport-related topics in depth with industry experts and zeal to report the most critical news in Korean sports each day made her an admirable announcer.

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On top of that, her eye-catching beauty contributed more to her popularity. Her feature on MAXIM Korea left people stunned with her enviable body proportions.

Park Shin Young’s feature in MAXIM Korea

Park later became a freelancer to expand her career’s horizons. But it all came to a crashing halt in 2021 when she got involved in a tragic road accident. She was reportedly driving an SUV when she collided with a delivery motorcycle at an intersection in front of an elementary school. The delivery man, reportedly in his 50s, died from injuries he sustained in the accident. Park was said to have gone straight during a yellow light while the delivery man went through a red light. Both parties were driving sober, and the police determined that they both committed traffic signal violations.

Scene of the car accident | WikiTree

IOK Company, Park’s agency at that time, released a statement saying that the announcer was in deep “physical and mental shock” after the incident. She also took to her Instagram and posted a handwritten letter of apology.

I should have apologized earlier and for that, I am sorry. I am responsible for my obvious neglect. The stoplight was yellow and in order to pass through it quickly, I sped up and caused the death of the motorcycle driver.

With a heavy heart, I went to the deceased’s family to personally apologize, but I knew that this was something I could not be forgiven for. My heart breaks thinking about the bereaved’s family and all the comments that have been talking about the accident online. I ask that you all stop criticizing the deceased.

I apologize, once again to the deceased and their family. I will receive whatever punishment is ahead and live my life with this guilt. I know this is unforgivable.

I am so deeply sorry.

— @sinyoungpark_/Instagram

After this incident, Park Shin Young completely withdrew from the public eye and stayed off the grid. Her Instagram account was deleted, and she wiped her YouTube channel as well.

But where is she now, two years since the unfortunate accident?

Park made a quiet comeback on social media in 2022 with a new Instagram account. She shares glimpses of her day-to-day life on the account, including the books she reads or the cool eateries she visits.

The former announcer seems to have picked up quite a few artistic interests, including painting, ballet, and bass playing.

Though there is no certainty whether Park will make a return to her old job anytime soon, it looks like she is spending her time in a meaningful way.

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