NMIXX’s Bae Recalls Her Hilarious First Impression Of Haewon And Flawlessly Reenacts It

Even Haewon was impressed!

NMIXX‘s Bae and Haewon recently shared the full story of their first meeting, which turned out to be premeditated. Haewon was so eager to meet Bae, the new street cast trainee, that she made up a random excuse to see her!

Bae (left) and Haewon (right) 

Continuing where the story ended, Haewon asked, “How did you feel when you first saw me?

According to Bae, the first thing she noticed was Haewon’s silky hair. She soon observed that it was silky all days of the week, no matter what time of the day.

Your hair was always so silky. All the time.

— Bae

She proceeded to lightheartedly mimic the way Haewon would run her fingers through her hair whenever they’d see each other.

Not one to be easily offended, Haewon instead noticed that Bae’s movements were similar to the point dance in TWICE‘s “Alcohol-Free.”

Bae sat back down and acted out the way Haewon would daintily open a cabinet and smile, saying to the person beside her, “Oh hey.”

Haewon denied that she’d ever spoken in that way but couldn’t hold back her laughter!

Overall, Bae’s impression of Haewon was that she was chic trainee, had pale skin, and boasted incredible beauty.

[You were] a chic trainee girl. You were so white and amazingly pretty.

— Bae

Bae isn’t the only member who talked about first impressions! Fellow NMIXX members Sullyoon and Jinni also shared what they initially thought of each other. Check it out here:

NMIXX’s Sullyoon And Jinni Dish On Their First Impressions Of Each Other

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