NMIXX’s Sullyoon And Jinni Dish On Their First Impressions Of Each Other

Sullyoon was the first person Jinni saw as a trainee.

The members of JYP Entertainment rookie group NMIXX may have just debuted, but they already appear to have a strong bond with one another! Given that they trained together for several years, this doesn’t come as a surprise.

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However, they weren’t always as close as they are now. NMIXX’s Sullyoon and Jinni recently talked about their first impressions of each other as they decorated polaroid pictures.

Sullyoon (left) and Jinni (right) 

Jinni revealed that Sullyoon was the first person she laid eyes on when she entered the company as a new trainee.

I think, Sullyoon, when I first entered the company, you were the first one I saw. You were standing far behind.

— Jinni

She instantly noticed Sullyoon’s round eyes, tidy bangs, and bare face. There was only one thought on her mind—that Sullyoon looked like a puppy!

Yoon had very round eyes and neat bangs and didn’t wear makeup back then, so she looked like a puppy from a rural area.

— Jinni

Sullyoon laughed and admitted that she often hears how she resembles a puppy. She also shared that she only started putting makeup on as a trainee.

I actually heard that a lot. I did makeup for the first time when I got into the company.

— Sullyoon

Jinni then asked Sullyoon what her first impression was. Sullyoon started off by noting how they are both shy with people they aren’t close to. Combining her reserved nature and pretty face, Sullyoon thought that Jinni was a “cold beauty.”

You know we’re both very shy with strangers. So…cold beauty? I had that feelings.

— Sullyoon

Aside from discussing their first impressions of each other, they also revealed what made them decide to become K-Pop idols and how they entered JYP Entertainment. Read more on the latter here:

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