NMIXX Haewon’s Thoughtful Ending Fairy Pose That Made Even Her Members Feel Touched

It was sweet of her ❤️

Ending fairy poses have soared in popularity in recent years. At the end of every K-Pop group’s performance, the camera zooms into a member, who flashes a cute pose or an alluring facial expression. It’s a moment that both idols and fans look forward to!

JYP Entertainment rookie group NMIXX recently guested on KBS‘s “IDOL’S Snack Spree” where they talked about the ending poses of the members that they liked the most.

Leader Haewon was the first to voice her opinion, and she chose Kyujin‘s cute cat pose. “For me, Kyujin’s pose like this…” she said, her fingers imitating the ears of a cat.

Kyujin kindly demonstrated it, and as expected, it was adorable!

Afterwards, Lily chose the ending fairy pose that she liked best. Motioning to Haewon, Lily praised her for using sign language.

Haewon explained that she signed “Thank you” and “I love you” for their fans when the opportunity arose.

It was touching,” Lily added, summarizing what everyone else also felt. Haewon’s conscious decision to communicate with fans who have hearing impairments is incredible!

Catch more of NMIXX in the full video below.

Source: YouTube