NMIXX Sullyoon’s Fangirling Over STAYC’s Isa Is All Too Relatable

Have you ever done the same with your ult bias? 👀

NIMXX and STAYC have had multiple endearing interactions, like when the two groups were nominated for first place on KBS2‘s Music Bank, and both groups showed their support for each other.

A fan even asked STAYC’s J about how the groups got close, which J explained was because she trained with all of the NMIXX members, except for Sullyoon.


But even though J and Sullyoon might not have trained together, Sullyoon has never hesitated to show her love for STAYC, specifically for her bias, Isa. According to Sullyoon, she’s been a fan of Isa since STAYC’s debut and was very excited about the opportunity to take pictures with Isa’s filter at KCON.

STAYC’s Isa and NMIXX’s Sullyoon | @eunhalilac/Twitter

When NMIXX and STAYC shared a waiting room, Sullyoon confessed to Isa that she was a fan and exchanged numbers. The two have seemingly been friends since.

Fans can’t help but relate to Sullyoon’s fangirling, especially with the idol’s habit of bringing a photocard of her bias to meals. In one instance, Sullyoon told fans that “Old photos are essential.. ^^” when going to eat dinner.

| @nmixxpics_/Twitter

And another time, Sullyoon apparently didn’t bring her photocard but figured out the next best thing. “If I don’t bring a photocard, I take it like this too.”

| @nmixxpics_/Twitter

Fans, of course, related to her fangirling.

And they also loved Sullyoon’s attention to detail, like how she decorated her Isa photocard holder.

Fans are hopeful for more interactions between the two in the future.

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