8 Moments NMIXX’s Sullyoon Looked Like A Total Doll With Her Visuals

She ate and left no crumbs.

NMIXX‘s Sullyoon has been gaining lots of attention recently. Many have dubbed her the new visual of the generation! With her large eyes and small face, it’s no wonder many compare her to a doll. Here’s 8 moments she totally looked like a living doll.

1. Pretty in pink

The ruffles on her dress add to the princessy doll-like factor.

2. Perfect 10

Her visuals came to play and left no crumbs.

3. Angel

The white dress made her look extra angelic.

4. Stunningly chic

We love a girl that can rock all colors and looks.

5. Side profile

Her rounded forehead and high nose were some of the features that were picked up on by Korean media.

6. We’re in awe…

…at how she manages to look this gorgeous even in low quality images.

7. Her hair helps

The half updo makes her look even more feminine.

8. Work of art

Her visuals deserve to be in a museum!

The strong praise she received from netizens is testament to how much of a hot topic she has been of late.

| theqoo
  • “Her face is f*cking unbelievably pretty. Don’t ever do anything to your face.”
  • “She has Chinese actress vibes”
  • “That rounded forehead, nose and cheekbones are all the epitome of a doll”
  • “Her side profile is crazy. She’s totally a doll”
  • “Seeing her often recently. She’s pretty”

We’d love to live as her for a day!

Source: theqoo