No, Sunmi Did Not Orgasm While Writing Her Song

It’s not what it seems!

Sunmi has been very active on her personal Twitter account but one of her tweets was taken the wrong way by Twitter’s built in translation system.


Sunmi posted about the happiness she felt while writing lyrics for a potential new song.

“While writing lyrics, I felt a bit of joy and happiness in a sentence. #Today’s_Diary”


Twitter’s translation service, however, took it the wrong way.


Sunmi noticed and posted an update with a very appropriate GIF of Ariana Grande shaking her head in embarrassment.

She wanted to make sure her fans did not think she felt an orgasm after writing a sentence for her lyrics.


Sunmi’s interactions with fans and her adorable personality is why she is everyone’s new favorite K-Pop Idol on Twitter.

Here’s Why Sunmi Is Now Everyone’s Favorite K-Pop Idol On Twitter