Nobody Misses GOT7 More Than Leader Jay B As He Scrolls Through Ahgases’ Tweets

He wants to see the members as much as we do!

It’s part of our daily routine as Ahgases to miss GOT7.

From left: Yugyeom, Mark Tuan, Youngjae, Jackson Wang, BamBam, Jinyoung, and Jay B of GOT7.

Don’t get us wrong. The members do feed us content regularly.

They even give us lots of member interactions even while they’re focusing on their solo promotions.


Vibin with BamBam & YUGYEOM🥳🎶#영재 #Youngjae #COLORSfromArs #Vibin #VibinChallenge #WeVibin @bambamxabyss

♬ Vibin (20sec) – 영재 (Youngjae)

Still, we miss OT7 content! Who can blame us?

Well, it turns out we’re not the only ones missing GOT7…

Recently, leader Jay B posted on Twitter, asking his followers how they are doing. He’s truly Ahgases’ bestie, always checking up on them!

Most got his attention with mint chocolate photos. He is a mint choco lover, but there are some things he just won’t try.

Ahgase: Would you like to try this?

JAY B: Oh… I don’t know…

The only things that can rival Jay B’s love for mint chocolate are his love for Ahgases and GOT7. So, most of his time spent on the internet that day was scrolling through stan Twitter as he reminisced over time spent with his members.

| @jaybnow_hr/Twitter

Truly, the only one who misses GOT7 more than Ahgases is GOT7 themselves.

| @jaybnow_hr/Twitter

The one post to rule them all is this one focused on him and Mark Tuan. It was an emotional time for all as Mark left for Los Angeles, California.

| @jaybnow_hr/Twitter

He even imagined their reunion with this fan edit.

| @jaybnow_hr/Twitter

After scrolling through so many Ahgase posts about GOT7, he even decided to call BamBam!

| @jaybnow_hr/Twitter

We can’t wait for the group to be all together again soon! If Jay B and Youngjae have their way, it’ll be anytime now!

Source: @jaybnow_hr