Where Is She Now? Korea’s Hottest Lingerie Model With A Dark Past

Her rise to fame was met with serious accusations.

Lingerie fitting model, Haneul Lee, made waves in 2018 with her irresistible combination of a charming face and sensuous photoshoots. As she rode the wave of her newfound popularity, Lee transitioned into the digital domain by opening a YouTube channel, which gained an overwhelming amount of subscribers.

Pushing her brand forward, she also launched her own lingerie line and became the CEO of her company.

However, 2020 became a challenging year for Lee when accusations emerged that she physically assaulted her employees. These allegations peeled back the layers of her past, revealing claims of bullying and stealing money from classmates during her school days.

A former employee from her lingerie brand went public on a Korean job review site, making damning accusations against Haneul, the CEO. The employee’s account painted a portrait of Haneul as an unpredictable and demanding boss.

You see her YouTube channel and think she’s great. But the CEO… thinks she’s a princess and her employees are her shuttle.

— Former Employee

Another employee came forward with even graver charges, alleging that she was physically attacked by Haneul with a pen. As these stories unfolded, past classmates of Haneul stepped into the spotlight, recounting tales of bullying during their school years. One post claimed that Haneul stole her money and beat her up on multiple occasions.

In response to the mounting pressure, Haneul took to social media to issue a heartfelt apology, acknowledging her past mistakes and expressing remorse for her behavior.

Hello, this is Haneul. I’m very ashamed of my past when I acted like an immature kid.

I’m writing to sincerely apologize to those that I hurt when I was little.

As I receieved lots of love from many people, I grew afraid and anxious about my past actions. I grew more anxious the more people showed interest in me, which motivated me to work harder.

I reflected upon my actions and thought in the position of the other people, and it just make me feel very sorry.

It might be hard for those who were hurt because of me to face me, but I really want to meet you in person and apologize. I hope you give me the chance to apologize to you.

I’m very sorry to the people I hurt with my actions.

And I’m also sorry to my subscribers and fans who are disappointed in me. You showered me with lots of love, but all I did was disappointment, and that makes my heart feel heavy. I promise to take responsibility for everything and reflect upon my actions.

— Haneul Lee

However, the damage was done. Her YouTube channel, which once boasted 880,000 subscribers, saw an immediate decline of 50,000. The online community was buzzing with discussions about Haneul’s past, and many felt disappointed and betrayed.

After a period of silence, Haneul re-emerged in the public eye in late 2022 with news of her wedding. The event was a star-studded affair, attended by notable personalities from the entertainment world. Among the illustrious guests were SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu and THE8, Hwang Minhyun, and WOODZ.

| @haneulina/Instagram

Attendees shared snippets from the wedding, capturing delightful moments like WOODZ walking Haneul’s puppy — the ring bearer — down the aisle. Later in the evening, WOODZ delighted guests with a dance, with Haneul cheerfully dancing alongside. Mingyu, THE8, and Hwang Minhyun watched from the groom’s side, fueling speculations that they might be closer to the groom.

| @1uvyouryouth/Twitter 

Haneul’s wedding gave fans a glimpse into her life post-controversy, suggesting she’s trying to move forward and find happiness. But as always, the past leaves an indelible mark, and only time will tell how Haneul’s journey unfolds from here.