Where Are They Now? K-Pop’s First Singaporean Idols Have Made Big Career Changes

It’s been 12 years since their debuts!

While a majority of K-Pop idols are Korean, there are many that debut and hail from other countries. K-Pop’s Thai line has only grown larger over the years, and NewJeansHanni is one of multiple Vietnamese idols that have debuted in the industry.

NewJeans’s Hanni | SBS

However, several countries are still not as represented in K-Pop, with Singapore being one of them. However, there have been Singaporean K-Pop idols, and they were actually in the same group!

In 2012, the five-member girl group SKarf debuted under Alpha Entertainment. SKarf was said to be based on the word scarf, with the K standing for Korean and the S standing for Singapore.


Before the group’s formation, auditions were held in Singapore, where several trainees were recruited. Ultimately, only two would go on to debut in SKarf — Ferlyn G and Tasha Low. The group promoted until the end of 2014, with Ferlyn departing a few months before their quiet disbandment.

Ferlyn G
Tasha Low

Ferlyn released her first solo mini-album in 2015, featuring two tracks sung in Mandarin and one in Korean. After co-founding an independent label and releasing a single, Ferlyn focused on her acting career, appearing in her first lead role in the 2019 film When Ghost Meets Zombie.


Through the years, she took on many more acting roles, and in 2023, she appeared in four Singaporean drama series, including Oppa! Saranghae!

Feryln is very active on social media, sharing updates on her daily life and career. At 32 years old, she is more gorgeous than ever!

In Tasha’s case, she remained in Korea following the group’s disbandment and appeared in music videos as the female lead. After a planned group did not come to fruition in 2015 and 2016, Tasha appeared on the survival show Idol School, which formed fromis_9.

| Mnet

After being eliminated from the show in episode 10, Tasha announced she would start a solo career under the name Yui YeongUpon her return to Singapore, she was cast in her first role and lead in the web series Cheerific, making her film debut in the 2020 comedy film The Diam Diam Era. 


In 2023, she also appeared in Oppa, Saranghae! and was awarded the “Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes” award at the 2023 Star Awards. She is signed to Wild Entertainment, which is also home to CLC‘s Sorn, Jam Republic, and actress Liza Soberano.

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Tasha has also only grown more beautiful as the years have gone on!

We are happy to see these two stars living their best lives!

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