NewJeans’s Hanni Is The 6th Vietnamese K-Pop Idol To Debut — Here Are All Of Them

It’s exciting to see more idols from around the world debut!

Following their surprise debut, ADOR‘s new girl group, NewJeans, are a hot topic! Fans of the new group have scoured the internet for any available information about the 5 member group and have discovered a variety of information including the members’ heritage. According to sources, member Hanni is the first Vietnamese idol to debut under HYBE!

NewJeans |
NewJeans’s Hanni |

While she is the first under HYBE and its labels, she is not the first Vietnamese idol to have debuted in a K-Pop group: she is actually the sixth!

Here’s a list of the other five Vietnamese idols to have debuted in K-Pop groups:


BEAUTYBOX‘s Anh was born in Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam, and participated in the contest to become a member of the multi-national K-Pop group Z-Girls. While she did not make it into the project group, Ahn, real name Trần Nguyễn Trâm Anh, was the third member of BEAUTYBOX to be introduced.

BEAUTYBOX’s Ahn | @bb_byuofficial/Instagram

The group debuted in September 2021 with the single “RAT A TAT.” BEAUTYBOX recently released their second single album B-STEP with the title track “BOGGLEBOOGLE.”

2. Queen – Z-GIRLS

Z-GIRLS was announced as a K-Pop group with no Korean members and recruited members from around the world including India, Japan, and the Philippines.  Member Queen, real name Lục Thị Thúy Quyên, was born in Vietnam and is the group’s main rapper.

Z-GIRLS’s Queen | Divtone Group

Z-GIRLS debuted in February 2019 with “What You Waiting For” and are currently on hiatus. Several members have left the group and the four remaining are not currently active following leader Carlyn’s pregnancy.

3. Roy – Z-BOYS

Brother group to Z-GIRLS, Z-BOYS recruited boys from around the world to debut as part of the Korean project group. The group’s Vietnamese member Roy, real name Nguyễn Hải Hoài Bảom, is one of the four remaining members.

Z-BOYS’s Roy | Divtone Group

Like Z-GIRLS, the group is currently on hiatus. Roy also released a single featuring Z-GIRLS’s Queen titled “Hey Boss Let’s Fall in Love.”

4. Hanbin – TEMPEST

TEMPEST‘s Hanbin first appeared on the scene as a contestant on Mnet‘s I-LAND as one of the trainees trying to debut in the final ENHYPEN line-up.

TEMPEST’s Hanbin | @TPST__official/Twitter

While Hanbin did not make it into the group, fans still believed they would eventually see the Vietnamese star debut. After leaving BELIFT LAB and signing with Yuehua Entertainment, Hanbin was introduced as a member of TEMPEST, and the group officially debuted on March 2, 2022.

5. Jade – A-Daily

DK Entertainment‘s A-Daily debuted in 2014 with a Vietnamese member named Jade (real name Nguyen Hoang Bao Ngoc). Jade left the A-Daily in 2015 and the group has since disbanded.